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FishyTweet is a plugin for WordPress. It allows users to tweet about your blog posts on the microblogging service Twitter by adding a link to the bottom of each post. Clicking it runs the backlink through a URL shortener and afterwards the user is redirected to where the URL will be put in the status field ready for posting.


  • Customize the link text and title.
  • Easily select an HTML tag to surround the link in (or none at all). Also add a CSS class to the tag.
  • Pick the URL shortener of your choice to use from a list.


February 21st 2010: FishyTweet 1.6 and 1.6.1 had serious bugs that rendered the plugin useless. Please upgrade to version 1.6.3 as soon as possible.


Get FishyTweet here.


February 10th: Initial release.

February 21st: Version 1.6.1 is out.


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