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Endnu en grund til at blive hjemme fra biografen?

I en blanding af manglende kompetence med moderne, digitalt udstyr og misforståede økonomiske hensyn er billedet på biografernes lærred, ifølge filmkritiker Roger Ebert, ofte forfærdelig underbelyst:

In the years before digital projectors, the problem was often that tight-fisted theater owners weren’t setting the Xenon bulbs in their projectors at the correct wattage, in the mistaken belief that dialing them down would extend the life of the expensive bulbs.

3D spiller angiveligt også en rolle:

He says there is a reason for this: “Many theater managers have made a practice of leaving the 3D lenses on the projectors when playing a 2D film.” The result is explained by an anonymous projectionist: “For 3D showings a special lens is installed in front of a Sony digital projector that rapidly alternates the two polarized images needed for the 3D effect to work. When you’re running a 2D film, that polarization device has to be taken out of the image path. If they’re not doing that, it’s crazy, because you’ve got a big polarizer that absorbs 50 percent of the light.”

Jeg hader 3D og kommer aldrig til at gå i biografen for at se en film i 3D. Hvis dette er tendensen kommer jeg nok heller ikke til at betale 100 kr for at se en film i 2D heller.